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Improve your performance

UpMap gives you the access to an universe of mapping developed and tested by our experts.
Through the connection between the UpMap application and the T800 device , you will be able to shape your bike.

UpMap is the first system which allows you to communicate with the ECU of your bike connecting the T800 device with UpMap app (available for IOS and Android). Download from the UpMap store one of the map developed and tested by Termignoni and have free access to the setting of your ECU for an easy and intuitive customization.

UpMap is not just for mapping, it is a system dedicated to the biker. You will find a dashboard, an on-board computer which displays the status of your bike, monitoring speed, gear and consumption. The new  Camera option will allow you to record amazing videos of your performance, enriched by graphics and information of your achievements.

Simple & Userfriendly

The device is designed to be setted up by everyone within a few steps! The App interface is intuitive enough to allow even the new users to easily understand how to instal the device.

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Safe and easy to install

Do it yourself

UpMap makes it easy to map your motorbike with a real time access to a range of customized maps for your bike. Simply choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • Customized maps
  • Tested by our experts


UpMap is an exclusive universe dedicates to the bikers! You can access to a dashboard to check your bike data and record amazing videos with the new Camera feature.

  • Exclusive universe
  • Dedicated to the bikers
  • Amazing features


Share your riding experience videos enhanced with infographics of your performances and achievements. Live the UpMap experience and share it with your friends.

  • Community
  • Challenges
  • Enjoy your ride

Improve your performance with UpMap app

Now available for download




Easily map your bike with UpMap by Termignoni

Try the map

Are you ready for the first map? Go to the store and download the best map for you. The first one is free.

Improve your ride performance on track

Challenge yourself

With UpMap you can ride your passion and improve your performance like a professional rider.

UpMap Dashboard: You will be connected in real time with your vehicle to check its health and data on the go.


You will be connected in real time with your vehicle to check its health and to record amazing videos.

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