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Improve your performances,
raise the level of your passion

Reconfigure the control unit

Are you ready for the first map? Go to the store and download the best map for you. The first one is free.

Challenge yourself

With UpMap app you can ride your passion and enhance your perfomances like a professional rider; measure your results and control your improvements.

Share your adventures

With UpMap app you can record the videos of your performances and share them with your friends. You can show them your results, your itineraries and your best performances.

UpMap System

Next level for passion

The UpMap suite, consisting of the app and T800, is the first system which makes you customizing the way your live your passion. A portal entirely dedicated to the big biker community, where you can cross your limits, share your results and enjoy yourself in total safety.

UpMap App

Measure your performances, challenge yourself, 

share your adventure

UpMap allows you to track your results in order to challenge your imits and improve your performances. Thanks to the “Camera” feature, you can also share your goals, your places and itineraries with your friends. Who will be the best?

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