Reconfigure your bike's ECU by yourself, safely and easily.

The T800 UpMap device connect to the bike via the diagnostic cable allowing you to experience the different maps optimized by our experts.

Manage by yourself all the set up, quickly and easily from your smartphone, via the dedicated UpMap app.

Get ready to live a new experience riding your bike!

UpMap T800

Up Map T800 is a Bluetooth 4.0 LE communication interface that connects to your smartphone via the app UpMap.

T800 UpMap technical features

Device sizes

Diameter: 61,18 mm
Depth: 18,57 mm

Functional parameters

10 - 15 Volt | 190mA  | 2.3 W

The device is powered via the connecting cable socket of the ECU.

ECU connecting cable

ECU connecting cable must be connected to both the bike's diagnostic socket and  the T800 UpMap device.
The position of the diagnostic socket is shown directly in the quick guides on board of the UpMap application.

Try the map

Are you ready for the first map? Go to the store and download the best map for you. Thanks to your new UpMap device the first engine calibration is free(*), use the coupon code suggested during the map purchase step.
(*) Notes
- The coupon can only be used once for each device/user.
- The discount code is not valid for the MTORQUE, TRACK and MINTAKE engine calibration category. For more detail check the map description.

Challenge yourself

With UpMap you can ride your passion and improve your performance like a professional rider.

Dashboard and Camera

You will be connected in real time with your vehicle to check its health, data on the go and to record and track your journey.